Anthony Volpe: The Next Great Yankee Shortstop

Since the retirement of Derek Jeter, there seems to have been a void for the New York Yankees at the shortstop position. For a time, Didi Gregorious seemed to be the answer to their problem. But injuries lowered Gregorious’s potential massively, and the Yankees were forced to move on. They tried moving Gleyber Torres from second base to shortstop, hoping that it would be a smooth transition. And while his bat shows promise, his defense at the position was truly abysmal. The Yankees have also tried to pursue free agent shortstops like Manny Machado, Carlos Correa, and Trevor Story. All of those ventures have proven to be a wild goose chase. But people have suggested that maybe it is time for New York to stop looking at trades and free agent signings, and to look for an in-house solution to their shortstop problem. Enter: Anthony Volpe.

Why Him?

So what exactly makes Anthony Volpe such a promising young talent? What qualities does he possess that fans and critics have dubbed him, “the next Derek Jeter”? Well for one thing, his speed is elite. Last season in the Minor Leagues, in just 109 games, he was able to swipe 33 bags. At a position where speed is essential, Volpe excels.

His speed has also enabled him to become a “plus” defender at his position. Scouts have described his arm as solid, but say that his quick footwork makes up for a less-than-surplus arm, and allows him to turn double plays that other shortstops aren’t able to.

But what makes Volpe such a unique talent at the shortstop position is his elite bat. Last year in Single A and Single A+, he hit 27 home runs, accrued 88 RBIs, and had a .294 batting average. Additionally, he also 113 runs, obtained a .423 OBP in 513 plate appearances, and was able to tally an amazing OPS of 1.028. Truly elite numbers from the young shortstop.

Final Thoughts

It may take two or three years for the prospect to be ready for MLB action, but make no mistake- Yankee fans should be excited for the future of their shortstop position. The glory days may just return to the Bronx.